Our claim for your added value


As a privately owned consulting company rooted in Hanover, we place great value on a long-term, personal customer relationship with you - in direct contact with your personal consultant.

We do not rely on short-term trends and speculation, but prefer solid and sustainable investments. Following the motto "Winning by purchasing with a high discount to the true value" we recommend in particular investments whose price is well below the true or intrinsic value.

Based on this philosophy and our years of experience we weigh the opportunities and risks of the proposed investment alternatives very carefully in order to create value for you with the focus being on the long run.

Due to the various advantages of mutual funds, the focus of our work since the company was founded lies in selling investment funds to meet the needs of the individual customer.


The right solution for every situation


Based on our long term experience, we have a comprehensive overview of the licensed investment funds for sale in Germany. From this complex range of nearly 8000 funds, we carefully select the funds that have high investment quality and meet your needs.

On request, we can also offer proposals for an integrated system of your assets by mutual funds (see the upper point funds wealth management). These funds portfolios may be complemented by an optional single targeted investment in alternative capital assets such as renewable energy.

When selecting the funds all decision-relevant parameters - both at the level of the investment or fund company, as well as at the fund level – are analyzed in detail by us.

Fund companies should be distinguished in particular by a long-standing successful management of client deposits and a clear and consistently pursued investment strategy. It is important to carefully check whether all parameters are guaranteed for lasting success at the fund level.

The purchase of fund shares and their custody take place as needed directly from the respective fund company or one of the known fund banks where funds of almost all investment companies can be bought. To do this you will need to open up an investment account or fund account with our support. The deposits shall be paid after having opened the account directly from you in trust accounts of the fund company or fund bank. Alternatively deposits can be made by direct debit for the benefit of your fund portfolio.

We ourselves accept no money and have no access to your accounts or deposits.

Apart from one-off investments, regular deposits in a savings plan are naturally possible. In addition to this the capital built up over the years can be withdrawn on a monthly basis e.g. via a personal pension plan. The payments are very flexibel and can be changed depending on your needs at any time.

Should open-ended investment funds disagree with your investment needs, other suitable forms of investment are available.

Once you have made your investment decisions, with our help, we will help you not only in the implementation and execution, but take care of your investment and continue to assist you whenever needed by yourself.

In this way we create value with vision and experience for you.


"When waiting for statistics as an acknowledgment for an improvement in the economic situation it is not uncommon to miss the strong rebound in prices that often herald the dawn of a new bull market."

Anthony Bolton